Innova Engineering Apprentices compete in World Skills UK

||Innova Engineering Apprentices compete in World Skills UK

Innova Engineering Apprentices compete in World Skills UK

Innova Engineering Apprentices compete in World Skills UK

Helen Watson- Co Director at Innova:

It all started when I read an article about the World Skills competition in the Engineering Careers Magazine. I thought that entering David and Jamie would be an opportunity to enhance their Apprenticeship training as well as being a fun and worthwhile experience.

We have four Advanced Apprentices here at the moment, Ben who just progressed onto his Level 3, David and Jamie who are half way through their training and Cullan who is about to finish his Advanced Apprenticeship.

Jamie and David were keen to give it a go and so we went on the World Skills UK website and registered.

World Skills UK is the largest skills and careers event of its kind and celebrates excellence in vocational training. Young people have the opportunity to explore a wealth of skills across five inspiring sectors: Built Environment, Cultural & Creative Arts, Engineering, IT & Business Administration and Social & Professional Services. Competitions take place at regional and national level which culminates to an International World Skills event held every year.

Jamie and David are both taking part in the Engineering Sector Competition; Jamie doing CNC Turning and David CNC Milling. The first stage took place in May. Competitors had to work to a set brief and use CNC machine tools to cut, drill, shape and finish products and components used in engineering and manufacturing. Both were successful and selected in the national final 6 of their category.

Jamie and David are now preparing to compete live at the World Skills UK show (, taking place in Birmingham on 14-16 November 2013. In preparation for this live competition both were invited to take part in further trainings on the software and machines they will be using in Birmingham.

Should they be successful in November, they will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in the World Skills Competition in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2015!

David and Jamie say: “We were quite positive in entering this competition as we saw it as an opportunity to develop our skills and expertise by using different machines and software. In preparation of the UK final, we attended some training and there was a nice atmosphere amongst finalists and every one gets on with each other.”

David and Jamie seem serene ahead of the competition although some contestants, feeling the pressure have already dropped out from the final in Birmingham. Both say: “We feel alright about the UK final in Birmingham, it is another good experience to meet with other people from our trade”

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